Oil Painter Tom Fleming from Marin County, California

The true mysteries of the world are the visible, not the invisible. My mission, as a painter, is always to deepen the mystery.

I am a weekend painter who has been doodling and sketching since I was a kid. Working primarily on landscapes and marine paintings, I have an affinity for local California subjects. Most of my work is on large canvases. I have had several showings in galleries and the Marin Society of Artists. I am happy to work on commissions.

Born in San Francisco, I grew up in Marin County and went to high school near Santa Barbara. I enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard after high school where I served in the Western Pacific. After my service I went to College of Marin and then the University of San Francisco. After working in the marine hardware business I went into the kitchen design industry. I then joined my wife in residential real estate and I am now happily retired.